The DNA of the Community

To each ERA its VISIONARY, to each VISIONARY his SHIP, to each SHIP its ADVENTURE, to each ADVENTURE its MEDIA.

Jules Verne (1870) was the first to shed new light on the underwater world. His novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” was undoubtedly the first catalyst for a community known as the Meriens, mustered symbolically behind the Nautilus.

In another age, with another technology, in another medium and on another scale, Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1956) introduced us to the Silent World through the prism of television, which gave him an audience and international acclaim. In this way the Merien community swelled as the Calypso pursued its adventures in all the oceans of the world.

Jacques Rougerie is now offering the Meriens a new flagship, SeaOrbiter, whose world reach comes from the courtesy of the digital communication technologies of the 21st century, which are sure to trigger a new leap forward for this community.