New World, New Species

What is this new world that we are going to explore in the abyss?



the largest expanse on our planet

360 million km²

occasionally crossed, yet never explored!

We don’t know what we will discover or find in the open sea, beneath the surface of the ocean, because no one has ever really gone there before us!

This seemingly barren world, where there is no surface to land on or to attach to, nowhere to shelter… is really a world of great abundance, with oases of ephemeral life flourishing in its midst.

In this world of teeming life, SeaOrbiter itself will be an oasis towards which marine life will converge travellers, nomads and marauders.

So far scientists have recorded around 240.000 marine species, but estimate that there are millions of species which have never been recorded, let alone observed in the depths of the oceans.

Some of them are familiar to us, but we know nothing about those that rise at night from the depths of the oceans to feed near the surface. Some come straight from Prehistory.