New Relationships

New Knowledge

By allowing its crew to stay 24h/7 365 days a year in the midst of marine communities, SeaOrbiter opens up new opportunities for encounters and observations that could provide the key to a new approach of the pelagic ecosystem.

SeaOrbiter is the only vessel designed to change our approach to understanding pelagic marine life.

By staying in the midst of this marine community, divers can identify not only species but also each individual and write its personal history!

This unique capability of SeaOrbiter to project each one of us into the day-to-day existence of the ocean allows us to empathize with each marine creature encountered throughout this adventure.

The crew of SeaOrbiter will not just catalogue new species! They will try to understand the relationships between species in order to distinguish them more clearly, because a living creature is not only defined by its shape or form, but also by its relationships with other species.

They can thus gain an intimate understanding of their daily life and share this information with us.

And there is only one way to understand these relationships: to live among the marine creatures at the heart of their ecosystem. That, after all, is partly what SeaOrbiter has been designed for!