A Network of Sentinels

To increase the range of SeaOrbiter and be able to collect data simultaneously from all the oceans, there are plans to increase the fleet and sail a SeaOrbiter vessel in every ocean. The SeaOrbiter project will then consist of a formidable « network of Sentinels ».

The intention is to scale up the SeaOrbiter project to a level that will enable us to understand all of the phenomena governing life on our planet as a whole. The scale-up will include coverage by oceanographic satellites from which the vessels will download data to further analyse the ocean-atmosphere relationships that affect the climate of the whole planet.

SeaOrbiter will also be more accessible locally to address the particular concerns of scientists and communities in each region where a vessel is stationed. Using its global data network, each SeaOrbiter will enhance local knowledge.

A paradigm shift in oceanic research, the SeaOrbiter project seeks to create a virtuous dynamic in which our societies develop a more harmonious relationship with the world’s oceans – one that offers a desirable future to its 9 billion inhabitants (the projected world population by 2050).