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Jacques Rougerie
Jean-Loup Chrétien
Jacques Piccard

The Value-Added by SeaOrbiter
Ariel Fuchs

Ariel Fuchs
Comex Hervé Chauvez

Exploration devices

Space simulator
Ariel Fuchs

Ariel Fuchs


New World, new species
Veronique and François Sarano
Wreck picture : Francine Kreiss
Video White Sharks by Patrick Masse
Video Jellyfish by René Heuzey – Label Production

New relationships
Aldo Ferrucci
Veronique and François Sarano
Ariel Fuchs
Video Manta Rays by René Heuzey

Research and Innovation
Veronique and François Sarano

Research and innovations – Ocean/Atmosphere Relation
Veronique and François Sarano

Research and Inovations – Marine pollution
Veronique and François Sarano

Research and Innovations – Marine biodiversity
Veronique and François Sarano

Research and Innovations – Health

Research and Innovations – Industry

Research and Innovations – Food

Education – transmission of knowledge
Jacques Rougerie
Ariel Fuchs

The DNA of the community

Music by Michel Redolfi – Studio Argonaute

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