World Oceans Day

The 8th of June the world celebrated the ‪World Oceans Day‬. The ‪SeaOrbiter‬ team took part of the all day celebration organized by the UNESCO in Paris, and participated in various fascinating workshops and conferences throughout the day. With the help of scientific workshops, plenary sessions, and exhibitions, this day brought together scientists, political decision-makers, civil society and youth to identify, through dialogue, promising ocean-sensitive actions and strategies to mitigate climate change and its socioeconomic impacts.
The SeaOrbiter team is delighted with the outcomes of that special day, as new ideas were born and new bridges built, all for the better future of the ocean. The SeaOrbiter team is particularly proud of the accomplishment of the work of the Ocean and Climate Platform in which it has participated as a founding member since its creation just one year ago.