Education – Transmission of Knowledge

The ocean is at the heart of the global system. Its marvels must be discovered for us to wonder at, but it must also be understood so that we can manage its resources in a more sustainable way in order to preserve the future.

SeaOrbiter wishes to share the wonders and fascination that only the ocean and its creatures can provoke. This fascination will intensify our curiosity and prompt us to learn more about this unknown world on which so much depends.

SeaOrbiter’s power to raise awareness, communicate and capture imagination can play an important role in the quest of finding a new approach to the way we live our lives.

SeaOrbiter also wants to inform the world on the disastrous effects of pollution, overexploitation and climate change that affect numerous communities today, in the hope that these warnings will persuade us all to change our ways.

SeaOrbiter wants to help boost education on marine life in order to increase its appeal as a field of study, and it wishes to encourage new ideas for creating a living environment that respects and nurtures the riches of the ocean.