A Network Vessel

World premiere: a production studio in the open sea for real-time broadcasting!

In this vast universe, be prepared for the unexpected!

along with the Aquanauts of SeaOrbiter the most unexpected creatures with amazing shapes, unreal colors and of all sizes from microscopic to gigantic!

EVERY DAY, live from the Nemo room of SeaOrbiter, a crew member will tell you about his adventures, surprises and discoveries.

EVERY DAY, you will hear what the fish hear, thanks to hydrophones immersed at great depths.

SeaOrbiter is a communicating vessel with a multimedia platform that allows a continuous exchange with educational institutes.

Gradually, for us, for you, the inhabitants of the great blue reveal their secrets.

to the sea and its inhabitants as you’ve never done it before! Get ready to learn the language of marine animals!

EVERY DAY, you will experience the daily life of the crew of SeaOrbiter and every creature that surrounds the vessel, thanks to the cameras mounted inside and outside the ship, the mobile cameras, and the cameras on the divers’ masks and on the exploration devices.

EVERY DAY, these cameras continuously record what they observe, so the crew could replay the recordings and study the behavior and complex interactions of marine life.