at SEA


SeaOrbiter accommodates a multidisciplinary crew of 18 to 22 qualified members specially trained for campaigns lasting three to six months (sometimes longer, depending on the type of mission).

SeaOrbiter is in constant touch with a shore-based team whose task is to ensure that expeditions run smoothly, to process all data gathered at sea by SeaOrbiter and to distribute it.

  • This international crew includes:
  • 6 operational members responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the vessel and its safety
  • 4 scientific operators or researchers tasked with a series of specific research programs
  • 2 multimedia operators who organize the information produced on board and distribute it mainly to those following the adventure live or participating in the educational program
  • 6 aquanauts (scientists or astronauts) developing specific programs in the hyperbaric laboratory

The international SeaOrbiter team is composed of members placed under the authority of the Directorate of Expeditions or Mission Control and cover the following areas:

Scientific and Technical Committees

Education and Teaching

Multimedia Production and Distribution


Logistics and Operational Supervision