Team & Partners


Chairman Founder

Jacques Rougerie is a French architect-academian. For more than 30 years he has based his research and the structures he builds on bionic architecture inspired by marine forms and a concern for sustainable development. He has built underwater habitats, laboratories, marine research centers, vessels with see-through hulls, subaquatic museums, and has designed underwater villages and structures to draw attention on the beauty and fragility of the sea and its fundamental role in the great story of humanity. His flagship project SeaOrbiter is a synthesis of his innovative research in marine and subsea architecture.
« It is from the ocean that will be born the destiny of civilizations to come. » – Jacques Rougerie


Missions and Operations Director

Bill Todd works as Program Manager for Exploration Analogs at NASA Johnson Space Center and is responsible for leading simulations for NASA Astronaut and Flight Control Team training. He developed the NEEMO underwater training program, worked as an Operations Lead at the Mission Control Center in Moscow, Russia, and was also the training lead for many Space Shuttle flights, including dynamic flight phase and on-orbit operations. Todd is currently conducting research on exploratory procedures and human behavior within complex habitats in extreme environments. He is in charge of the design and development of the vessel’s operational functions.

Pierre-Armand THOMAS

Engineering and Technical Director

An engineer specialized in public construction and heavy metal structure, Pierre-Armand Thomas has conducted over 70 offshore and submarine projects for Technip. He became Technip’s VP, and the President’s Operations and Personal Advisor for major projects and R&D investments. Pierre-Armand Thomas received the OTC Heritage Award in 2009 and is now managing the construction of the first SeaOrbiter vessel.


Executive Director

An environmental engineer, a PhD holder in Marine Sciences and oceanography, and a professional diver, Ariel Fuchs has conducted a great number of underwater expeditions around the world. As a scientific journalist, he has followed the great adventure of ‘living under the sea’ with companion Jacques Rougerie. Fuchs is also a consultant in communication and marine sciences, and is now in charge of the coordination of the scientific research and educative programs of SeaOrbiter, as well as educational communication.

Jean-Marie JOB

Legal Advisor

Attorney-at-law since 1980, Jean-Marie Job started his career in Paris in the fields of criminal law and commercial litigation. Backed by his extensive experience, Job co-founded a law firm in 1987, which core activities are corporate business law, commercial litigation, and criminal business law. He is the legal advisor for SeaOrbiter since the creation of the project.


Communication Advisor

Pierre Barthès is a former French pro tennis player, who has then been working in developing and promoting sport activities. He is also a marketing and communication advisor for many private companies. Barthès created the biggest tennis center of Europe, which is situated in Cap d’Agde, France. Former Havas Sports & Entertainment VP, Pierre Barthès still works as a consultant for communication strategy related to sport activities and business. He is involved in SeaOrbiter fundraising with the current team.

Ludovic LAINÉ

International Development

In charge of International Development, Ludovic Lainé is also the President and Managing Partner of La Paz Group, a company specialized in the valorization of the heritage of territories (nations, regions, private estates) through programs that blend conservation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. He was previously the director of the New York office of one of the largest US branding and marketing agencies, which portfolio of accounts included Mexico, Cirque du Soleil, the French Government Tourism Board, and the Leading Hotels of the World. He holds a MBA-accredited Masters of Management degree in Hospitality from Cornell University.

Camilla HALL

Business Development

Camilla Hall is a Swedish entrepreneur who has contributed in making IndoChine Group a success and the global brand it is today. She is the co-founder of the IndoChine Green Festival, Are Water and Dr Ashok Khosla Club Terra Viva Impact Initiative. Camilla Hall is also the Special Advisor for Dr Ashok Khosla and his various organizations, such as Development Alternatives, IUCN, Zeri, Blue Economy and Club of Rome.